Drive Results with Programmatic Advertising

In programmatic advertising, the advertiser runs the campaign through their own DSP (Demand Side Platform), utilizing Programmatic Advertising Solutions.

With our programmatic specialists at your side, you won’t have to worry about creating campaigns, handling optimizations, and handling platform relationships.

How We will Work Together

Our team launches your campaigns and provides recommendations so you can use all channels, such as podcasts, video,native ads, and display ads, to reach the right audience.

With our DSP integration, you can use any major DSP.

  • Media activation powered by data – Reach your target audiences with targeted campaigns across a wide selection of cross-channel inventory options via programmatic media and display advertising , including Programmatic Media Buying.
  • An end-to-end solution – We help companies with various types of media management and programmatic planning needs at any time.
  • Our experts can help you maximize the value of programmatic advertising, whether we combine our media capabilities with our branding and digital product capabilities.
  • A data-driven media campaign – Data drive smart media decisions.
  • With our programmatic advertising, including Programmatic Ad Operation, we help media companies track implementations, advanced data science attribution, and audience targeting solutions.

We are programmatic experts because our analytical and data-driven approach connects marketing and activation.

We have good experience with below programmatic tools to manage your programmatic advertising campaigns:

  • ThetradeDesk – The Real-Time Advertising Platform for Media Buyers
  • DV360 – One-stop campaign management solution for Dv360 experts and Dv360 consultants.
  • Xandr – Engage Customers with Relevant Media and Experiences
  • Pubmatic – Organize your campaign, target audience and track progress.
  • Smart AdServer – Powerful, intuitive ad management and programmatic tool for publishers.
  • Adform – Powerfully simple programmatic advertising for Automated Marketing, Real-Time Results
  • OpenX – Most powerful, simple, and transparent marketplace for publishers.

Sovrn – Connecting Great Content with Righ audiences


Automate your campaign