Adopsmind Digital Advertising is reaffirming its commitment towards providing best campaign management services. Whether you are a Web publisher, Ad networks, Agencies or do trading or any business, we provide affordable outsourced Ad operations services which are critical to your business. Outsourcing your adops would cut down the op’s cost and give an opportunity to concentrate on your core business better. Flexible infrastructure and extensive campaign management expertise allows us to provide custom-made solutions and services to help companies to achieve desired result.

Components of Campaign management

    • Campaign Management
      • Campaign management is central to your all-marketing efforts. We have a dedicated team of professionals who set up campaigns according to client requirements and targets.
    • Ad Trafficking
      • Ad trafficking is the process of technically setting up an ad campaign by an ad trafficker on the ad servers
    • Campaign Optimization
      • The campaign can be monitored at multiple levels such as site optimization, creative optimization and audience management for getting optimal performance.
    • Inventory Reporting & Forecasting
      • This report is shared to stimulate discussion and require further input on the potential usefulness, scope, and desired features of an online digital collections inventory. Forecasting is making an informed prediction about placing an ad campaign.
    • Discrepancy Management
      • As multiple ad servers are involved, discrepancies can occur. We will be able to efficiently report and resolve impression and click discrepancies.
    • View ability & Fraud Management
      • If you don’t detect and avoid fraud, it will impact all other areas of optimization: view ability and performance. We provide effective Ad fraud detection service,using brandy safety tools.
    • Expertise in Tools
      • We have good hands of experience with LKQD, Cedato, Spotxchange, Spring Server, StreamRail, Beachfront, AOL, Fyber, Tremor, Freewheel, Pulse Point, Adkernal and other In-house servers. Contact us for more help

Set your objective first and let us know that and we will take up it as a passion to bring success to you.