An Intro To Buying And Selling Websites

The digital economy is growing in so many ways at once it’s mind boggling.

When one thinks about making a living via the Internet the first things that come to mind are selling physical or digital products online. These are the most obvious eCommerce activities and both are bustling markets.
Whether one creates hand made clothing items, builds apps or online games, robust spheres are available to participate in. Some web entrepreneurs are taking a different tact and buying or selling websites themselves.

The good news is you can get in the game and earn while you learn in some cases.

If you have financial resources available it is possible to buy a website that is already earning an established income. The rule of thumb is that the asking price for a site is 10 times the monthly income of the site in question. If a site is selling for significantly less than that amount you have some questions to ask the seller!

The daily grind, or actual work required to keep a site up, running and earning can be outsourced quite inexpensively.

Successful web entrepreneurs develop a site, bringing it to a certain level of revenue generation and then sell or “flip” it. The revenue brought in by doing so gives the seller additional monies to put into other projects. Much like flipping houses, creating efficiency of effort put in and income coming out of these projects takes practice. While there are innumerable stories of folks who “hit gold” in such transactions it’s important to note the old adage “there’s no such thing as easy money”! See more info at

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