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We offer complete solutions on Ad Trafficking ,Campaign Management and Campaign Optimization.

Adopsmind.com operates in online digital media based on advertising and media management for optimized revenue flows. Our methodologies are based on extensive research, close collaboration with clients, utilization of tools for the purpose and keeping track of metrics. For ad agencies, publishers and ad networks we create a win-win situation through our services.

Ad agencies can coordinate and correlate with their clients and get business of online digital advertising and ad traffic and leave the rest in our hands.

  • Adopsmind will take care of preparation of concept, creatives, design and development of static, dynamic, interactive banners as well as video streaming ads based on inputs.
  • Adopsmind will submit a complete offer detailing various media and sites on which ads will be launched and managed with full metrics on each ad server’s efficiency, efficacy and impact.

Adopsmind has experience of Doubleclick, LKQD, Cedato, Spotxchange, Spring Server, StreamRail, Beachfront, AOL, Fyber, Tremor, Freewheel,Pulse Point and other servers, with the capability to recommend suitable ones based on end user objective and budgets.

  • Adopsmind will handle entire campaign on behalf of ad agencies serving end users.
  • Adopsmind will provide detailed analytics and report on each ongoing campaign. We factor in a proviso that will allow making changes as campaign progresses in order to cut back on unproductive channels and focus more on rewarding ones.
  • Adopsmind will provide 9 hours support and will work on affordable hourly rates in a fair, transparent and open manner decided in an agreement to be entered into between the parties after discussion of all aspects including rates that will be fixed based on all discussed parameters as well as markets addressed.
  • Adopsmind will provide detailed reports and analytics during campaign to give clients information on impact of ads and returns on investments.
  • Adopsmind will provide consultancy and full guidance at rates to be mutually fixed in order that ad agencies and clients can make informed decisions about online advertising campaigns.

The above is a broad outline of terms on which we usually work. These terms are amenable to modification depending on your requirements, whether they are short term or long term. We can enter into case specific agreements or have broad agreements covering major points in case we enter into long term service arrangements. As a B2B advertising and marketing channel we address requirements of ad agencies, publishers and ad networks. Our involvement helps you, if you are in any of these segments, to be free to focus more on attracting clients and generating revenues while we take care of the operational end. You are welcome to respond to this proposal or come back with a proposal of your own. Working together we can conquer the cyber universe.

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